Trust and Distrust to the Dating Websites and Their Reasons

Almost a quarter of young people are looking for the couple on the Internet using dating sites and apps. This method of acquaintance has already become a normal way to find a soulmate. However, many people are afraid of being cheated. What is the reason people don’t trust dating websites? Let’s find the answers together.  

Keep Track of Your Security

In 2016, an IT security software developer Symantec discovered at least 13 fake or cloned dating websites. As in any sphere of life, there is a risk of being cheated, but it is less possible for the sites with personification requirements.

How does a fraud on dating sites look like? Fraudsters create fake profiles, get to know their victim, ask a lot of questions, imitating interest, empathy to build trust, and then create the image of an ideal soulmate. As soon as the “client” falls in love with the created image, scammers begin the “cash-out” phase. Usually, they share a depressing picture of growing financial difficulties:

  • car crash accident,
  • increasing rent for housing,
  • job loss,
  • health problems, etc.

This continues until the online lover helps with solving financial problems. Sometimes, the scammers simply disappear after this, and sometimes, their appetites grow and they ask more and more.

Such stories create mistrust and suspicions of regular users, as they do not believe the dating websites anymore. However, it happens not due to the websites’ failure but because of the actions of their users. Here are some other reasons why people do not trust the dating websites:

  • The loss of personal data,
  • The leak of financial information,
  • Catfishing,
  • Malicious programs/viruses, etc.

However, the most widespread problem is that many people on the site are not who they actually are. If you think the person is lying, it is better not to answer and delete the message.

As you may conclude, dating websites do not dispose of any risks themselves, but their users are. Therefore, it worth giving your preference to the websites with proper verification methods. Verification is useful as it allows you to confirm your identity and make sure that other people do the same. If the fraud passed through the identification, you can suspect that the profile is fictitious, if you pay attention to the quality of the posted photos. Watermarks, staged photos in which the girl looks like a fashion model or a porn star are signs of a fake profile.

In Conclusion

There are a number of methods for ensuring your safety and maintaining the confidentiality of your information when using the Internet in general and dating sites in particular. Pay your attention to the following aspects for choosing dating website:

  1. The reliability of website hosting;
  2. The verification methods;
  3. The feedbacks of users;
  4. The success stories;
  5. The catfishing possibility.

What are your criteria for dating website reliability? Answer this question and find out if a particular website suits your expectations. Good luck!

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